Meghan Markle: A Biography



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Everyone has to start somewhere, right? Well, Meghan Markle wasn’t always the successful blogger, actress, fashionista, and princess that we know today. She has had many roles from her success as Rachel Zane in Suits, to her ascendancy into the British royal family, to the not so glamorous days as a briefcase girl on Deal or No Deal. In this book, we will delve into Meghan Markle’s early years, her success’, her failures, her passions, her family, her career to date, and most tantalizingly, her entry into the British Royal family as the first person of color.
Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex has proven herself to be a strong independent woman of color. She is a true American success story and something that the British Royal Family has never known, a made-in-Hollywood princess. A vocal feminist, and a strong-willed woman, who knows how to handle herself in front of the camera and when talking to the media.
We will also discuss, what led to “Megxit?” Was it a Markle driven debacle, or are the couple victims of a Royal coup d’état? Opinion is rife on the matter, but it was only 599 days from their wedding, to the couple stepping back from their Royal duties and positions. “Megxit” has become one of the biggest schisms the British Monarchy has endured since the abdication of Edward VIII in 1936, who ruled for less than a year. Coincidentally, also for an American spouse, Wallis Simpson. There is a strong sense of déjà vu, as a lot of similarities exist between Meghan and Harry’s story, and Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson’s. Both women have been vilified by the British press and characterized as American social climbers with a ruthless control over their men.
People have waded in with strong opinions on “Megxit”, with lines being drawn on where the blame lies, with many pointing fingers at the Duchess of Sussex. Others have suggested that aggressive, yellow journalism from the British tabloids deflects blame towards Meghan.
Whatever your opinion, Meghan Markle is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with, she has class and talent and is devoted to the causes she believes in. Meghan Markle is a true Hollywood Princess and is a breath of fresh air in the Royal family. Who can argue with that?


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